Carol Vorderman portrait

Carol Vorderman Portraits

Fifteen Minutes With Carol Vorderman So this is a fairly typical portrait job for The Times – 15 minutes with the subject at the end of an interview, in a pretty uninspiring meeting room. It’s for the Weekend section of the Saturday Times, so I know they’ll probably want a landscape portrait of Carol looking…

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Michael Ibsen 02

Descendent of Richard III

Richard III, the last King of England to be killed in battle, died at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. Human remains found by archaeologists under a car park in Leicester have now been confirmed to be the remains of King Richard III, by matching its DNA to that of Canadian carpenter living in London,…

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Actress Sidse Babett Knudsen from the political drama Borgen

Borgen Cast Portraits

Spin Doctors and Borgen A huge bonus of being a contract photographer at The Times newspaper is getting to meet and photograph some pretty amazing people, and when this job to photograph ‘Birgitte’ and ‘Kasper’ from Danish political drama Borgen came up, I was thrilled. I’ve only recently become a fan, during the second series…

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