Sopwith Pup at Shuttleworth

Sopwith Pup at Shuttleworth Photography

Photographing A Sopwith Pup at Shuttleworth With the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I this year, there have been many press activities associated with it, but this one at the Shuttleworth Collection in Bedfordshire was a little bit special. We started with some photography with some of the finely restored aircraft on…

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Maureen Lipman Portrait

Maureen Lipman Portrait for The Times

Maureen Lipman Portrait for The Times This was a short portrait session with actress Maureen Lipman to accompany an interview in the T2 section of The Times newspaper. The interview had already been conducted, you can see it here, so I had less time constraints than usual, where I’m given 2 minutes at the end…

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Landguard Manor Summer Wedding

Landguard Manor Summer Wedding Photography

A Landguard Manor Summer Wedding It was a real photographic treat to photograph Kate and Simon’s Landguard Manor Summer Wedding on the Isle of Wight a few weeks ago. Their wedding had a vintage style with lots of fabulous details and many of the guests dressing the part. And with a perfect English Summer day coupled with…

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