Editorial Photojournalism

Here you can see some of my Editorial work during my 17 years as a photojournalist at The Times newspaper in London. It’s what has influenced how I work as a documentary wedding photographer– essentially as a photo essay for a newspaper or magazine. Though I don’t highlight the portrait session I do with most couples, you can see that I am well versed in portraiture, often with only a few minutes with the subject. But it’s the story-telling part of working as a news photojournalist that has the most influence on how I now work as a documentary wedding photographer.

Browse through this gallery, where you’ll see some familiar faces and events. Here’s a blog post if you’re interested in learning more about how my editorial photography has shaped my wedding photography.

Or check out some of the blog posts below, which go into a little more detail of some of the photographs.



PR Davies 04 1

Countertenor Iestyn Davies Portraits

This set of countertenor Iestyn Davies Portrait was shot for The Times at the Sam Wannamaker playhouse at Shakespeare’s Globe. I needed to get a variety of portraits of Iestyn in a short amount of time, some clean with minimal background elements and some wider, environmental portraits showing the amazing playhouse. Having had a quick look…

Aaron Tveit portrait

Portraits of Actor Aaron Tveit in London

Theres three elements to a portrait photograph. The light, composition and subject. As a photographer, I need to have confidence to control all three to varying extents, but for this portrait session with American actor and singer Aaron Tveit, all three of those factors were pretty much taken care of already. We met at a…

Boxing Day Tsunami

Boxing Day Tsunami 10th Anniversary

I was celebrating Christmas 2004 at my sisters house in Gloucestershire as the Boxing Day Tsunami destroyed huge areas of Aceh in Indonesia as well as parts of Thailand, Sri Lanka and India. As I flew out to Chennai to begin photographing the devastation for The Times, I couldn’t imagine what it must have been…

Emilia Fox portrait session

Emilia Fox Portrait Session For The Times

Emilia Fox Portrait for The Times This Emilia Fox Portrait session for The Times Weekend section, shot at the BBC’s Broadcasting House in London, after her interview. I had around 20 minutes, and a smallish space in a basement room at the BBC. The feature in The Times requires a three quarter length portrait, on a…

Sopwith Pup at Shuttleworth

Sopwith Pup at Shuttleworth Photography

Photographing A Sopwith Pup at Shuttleworth With the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I this year, there have been many press activities associated with it, but this one at the Shuttleworth Collection in Bedfordshire was a little bit special. We started with some photography with some of the finely restored aircraft on…

Maureen Lipman Portrait

Maureen Lipman Portrait for The Times

Maureen Lipman Portrait for The Times This was a short portrait session with actress Maureen Lipman to accompany an interview in the T2 section of The Times newspaper. The interview had already been conducted, you can see it here, so I had less time constraints than usual, where I’m given 2 minutes at the end…

PR Bond Car 010

Boris, Bond and Bourne – some Editorial Photography

My Editorial photography for The Times in the last few weeks has included Mayor of London Boris Johnson, James Bond’s ‘real’ car and the final curtain call for disgraced publicist Max Clifford. Starting with the picture above, this is what’s thought to be the original inspiration for James Bond’s Aston Martin. This vehicle, a 1954 Aston…