Boxing Day Tsunami

Boxing Day Tsunami 10th Anniversary

I was celebrating Christmas 2004 at my sisters house in Gloucestershire as the Boxing Day Tsunami destroyed huge areas of Aceh in Indonesia as well as parts of Thailand, Sri Lanka and India. As I flew out to Chennai to begin photographing the devastation for The Times, I couldn’t imagine what it must have been…

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Jessica and Giacomo 351

Our Favourites – Jessica and Giac II

Here’s the second image chosen by Giac from his and Jessica’s destination wedding in Portofino, Italy. This has been captured at dusk during the portrait session. Though I am a documentary photographer, and the vast majority of my day is spent finding and capturing the kind of story telling images you can see all over this website, I do spend around fifteen minutes making a set of portraits.

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St Etheldreda’s Church wedding

St Etheldreda’s Church Wedding

Low Light Wedding Photography Being the photographer at Nigel and Eliza’s St Eltheldreda’s Church wedding was both fun and photographically challenging. The planning for their London ceremony started from their home in Singapore. They knew they wanted documentary style of photography with minimal orchestration. They also knew they needed a photographer who could work well in very low light. Although…

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