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Byline 2015 Round 190

As a newspaper photojournalist at The Times in London, I was lucky enough to travel the world and report on some of the major stories of the day for almost two decades. From Kosovo to North Korea, from Charles and Camilla to Robbie Williams. I learned how to tell stories quickly, beautifully and without fuss.

Experience You Can Trust

There’s a saying amongst news photographers on Fleet Street – “You’re only as good as your last front page”. In a highly competitive industry, I learnt how to make the best photographs, quickly, under any conditions.

I’d found myself at The Times in the late 1990’s after studying at Cardiff University. It was there, whilst enrolled on a Physics course that I discovered the student newspaper, Gair Rhydd (Free Word in Welsh).

They had pizza every Thursday, and I got to see bands like Oasis for free. That’s also where I met my future wife, Helen.

I knew I wanted to be a photographer, so after my Physics degree, I studied documentary photography under Daniel Meadows. That led me to news photography, and a very enjoyable career at The Times.

Over Kosovo, 1999

Helen and I got married in 2005 and our son Dominic arrived in 2008, and Maddy in 2011. That’s when I stopped photographing in war zones but continued at The Times until 2015.

As a wedding photographer, I’ve been helping people capture a slice of their lives on their wedding day since then, and have done it at more than 300 weddings now. It never gets boring, and I still love what I do, because every couple is different, every story is different.

No two photographer’s pictures are the same, because they’ve had different lives, different experiences and view the world differently.

I hope you like the way I see the world, and how I photograph it for my clients.

Award Winning Wedding Photographer

Everyone’s an ‘Award Winning’ wedding photographer these days!

I only regularly enter a few awards, including Fearless Photographers, the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) and This is Reportage. They’re the only organisations that value strong, story-telling wedding photography. I’ve been fortunate enough to win awards in all of them, and have twice been the top UK photographer with the WPJA.

Here’s a collection of award winning photos.

Best Cambridgeshire wedding photography in a garden
Wedding Photojournalism or Photojournalism
Best Wedding Photography - WPJA 2019 v01
Spring 2019 Wedding Photography Awards
1st in the UK WPJA

With thanks to Neale James of Breathe Pictures for making this film.

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