Jewish Wedding Photography

Bride during the hora or Israeli dancing at a jewish wedding

Beautiful and Natural Jewish Wedding Photography

As an award winning Documentary Wedding Photographer, I’m commissioned by couples from all faiths and backgrounds, and have photographed many weddings from different cultures and religions. It’s always a joy when I’m commissioned for my Jewish Wedding Photography though, as there’s nothing quite like the energy and vibrance for a great Jewish wedding! Whether your wedding is strictly Orthodox, or it’s a mixed faith blessing, there’s amazing moments that really benefit from having the kind of natural and unobtrusive photojournalism that I specialise in. From the veiling ceremony or Badeken, through the signing of the Ketubah and the ceremony under the Chuppah, there’s plenty to photograph. And that’s not including the Israeli Dancing!

Documentary Wedding Photography at a Jewish Wedding

If you’re the kind of couple that doesn’t want their wedding day to turn into a photo shoot, or have to stand still while dozens of family members have their photos taken with you, documentary wedding photography or photojournalism may be what you’re looking for. It’s story-telling photography that puts the emphasis on natural, honest photography that records what it was like at your wedding. Don’t worry though, I do spend 15 minutes making some beautiful portraits with the bride and groom so your parents will have something nice to hang on the wall. We also spend a little time on a few family group photos. But the photography should reflect you and your family and friends coming together for a great celebration. So you should spend most of your time doing just that, while I find the kind of beautiful moments you see here and all over the east of this website.

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If this sounds like the kind of photography you’d like at your wedding, have a look through some more Jewish weddings below, then get in touch to check my availability for your date.