winter wedding photography

Winter Wedding Photography


Winter wedding photography can be absolutely stunning!

Read on for some tips when considering a Winter wedding.

Winter Wedding Photography Tips

Planning your Winter wedding photography is a little different from wedding photography at other times of the year. The most obvious difference is to do with the light – and it’s not just that there’s less of it for a shorter amount of time.

The quality of the light will also play a big part in how your wedding photos turn out. Whether you’re planning a festive-themed celebration, or a Winter Wonderland style wedding, one of the main reasons you might be considering this time of the year is for the seasonal atmosphere.

Light Quality at Winter Weddings

What do I mean by the quality of the light? Imagine a high-ceilinged, oak-paneled Great Hall in the middle of December. It could be lit by a single 100w light bulb, high up in the rafters. Or there could be candles on each table and strings of fairy lights around the pillars. Overall, maybe the amount of light is the same in both cases. But the photos from the candle lit dinner will look a lot more atmospheric and pleasing than the single bulb. When planning your day, check with your venue what kind of lighting they will be providing. Go for lots of warm coloured light sources, and if you can avoid LED lighting, all the better – it can play havoc with camera sensors!

Timing a Winter Wedding

Another area to consider is the time of day. If you’re planning a dusk ceremony at 4 pm in December, then it’s unlikely you’ll be able to have any family group photos or portraits outside without some additional lighting. You could schedule those earlier in the day, or make sure your photographer is able to light the group photos properly or is experienced in low-light portraits.

Winter Wedding Photography Packages

You may also be able to negotiate a better price for Winter wedding photography compared to the height of the Summer. There’s generally less demand for weddings during the Winter, so your venue or other suppliers might be able to offer you a discount on their usual Summer fees. Mid-week weddings may also provide you with some savings – it’s always worth asking.

Check out some inspiration for your Winter Wedding photography below, you’ll find many different venues and colour palettes. Then get in touch if you’d like this style of wedding photography for your own day.



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