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Mother’s Day 2024

Family Moments at Weddings As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s a perfect moment to reflect on the beauty of family, the moments that define us, and the memories that last a lifetime. As a documentary wedding photographer, I have the privilege of witnessing and preserving some of the most heartfelt, genuine moments families share together. Documentary…

Winter Wedding at Orleans House Gallery

Winter Wedding at Orleans House Gallery

Winter Wedding at Orleans House Gallery Scarlett and Vince enjoyed their Winter wedding at Orleans House Gallery on a crisp winter’s day, followed by a family meal at a restaurant in central London. Check out the preview slide show above, and family and friends can pre-register here for access to the full gallery once it’s…

Low light winter wedding photography

Winter Wedding Photography

Winter Wedding Photography Can Be a Tricky Business Low light levels during the Winter can make things particularly hard for photographers. Even modern cameras and lenses can struggle. There is always flash. Or adding in additional light, like the LED light I’ve used in the picture above. This works well in certain situations where it’s…

Museum of London Docklands Wedding Photography

Museum of London Docklands Wedding Photography

An Interesting London Wedding Venue London is an amazing place to be a photographer, of any sort, but especially a wedding photographer. Obviously every wedding I photograph has it’s own characteristics. While my style of documentary wedding photography means that the people and the emotions are the most important element of the day, the venues…