Editorial Photojournalism

Here you can see some of my Editorial work during my 17 years as a photojournalist at The Times newspaper in London. It’s what has influenced how I work as a documentary wedding photographer– essentially as a photo essay for a newspaper or magazine. Though I don’t highlight the portrait session I do with most couples, you can see that I am well versed in portraiture, often with only a few minutes with the subject. But it’s the story-telling part of working as a news photojournalist that has the most influence on how I now work as a documentary wedding photographer.

Browse through this gallery, where you’ll see some familiar faces and events. Here’s a blog post if you’re interested in learning more about how my editorial photography has shaped my wedding photography.

Or check out some of the blog posts below, which go into a little more detail of some of the photographs.



Andrew Scott portrait

Andrew Scott Portrait

Andrew Scott Portrait Session A few weeks ago, my website had the largest spike in traffic when someone noticed an Andrew Scott portrait I’d shot in an editorial blog post, and re-posted it to tumblr. The portrait was blogged and pinned hundreds of times. I enjoyed his performance as Moriarity in the Sherlock Holmes series,…

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Unseen London Olympic Games

London 2012 was my second Olympic Games, having covered Athens in 2004. Both times, I was photographing for the news pages of The Times, along with dedicated Times sports photographers. Although The Times used unprecedented printing methods to bring readers superb photography at unimaginable sizes, there were still many thousands of images being produced daily which…