Same Sex Documentary Wedding Photography



A Documentary Wedding Photographer At Your Same Sex Wedding

As a documentary wedding photographer with 20 years experience as a news photojournalist, I’m often booked by couples wanting an unobtrusive, natural style to their same sex documentary wedding photography. The kind of clients who love what I do are interested in having a fun filled wedding day spent with their family and friends. They don’t want to spend hours posing for a photoshoot. But they love photography, and want someone to capture all the little unique characteristics of their loved ones.

Unposed, Natural Wedding Photography

That’s what I spend all day doing! I believe that the photography shouldn’t get in the way of the wedding. So I don’t stop or pose people at all during the day. This means that my clients have a great time with all their family and friends, and still get the kind of stunning, natural photography you can see here. Of course, we do take 15 minutes to make some great portraits and family group photos, but for the rest of the day it’s just you guys having a great time.

Book Me For Your Same Sex Wedding

If you enjoy photography, and want these kind of memories of your wedding day, check out some of my photography, then get in touch to see if I’m available on your date. There’s even more weddings over on the blog, or here’s some more information on what I do.