The Best Wedding Photographers In The UK


These days, everyone is an ‘Award Winning Wedding Photographer’! A whole industry of website directories and awards has sprung up, where as long as you pay the subscription fee, you’ll be featured. But there’s still a handful of sites and awards that do honour the best wedding photographers around, and those are the ones that I enter. Competition is tough – you’re entering images against thousands of wedding photographers from all over the world. So it’s a big deal if you’re fortunate enough to have an image or two good enough to be recognised as being one of the best in that category.

High Quality Wedding Photography

The organisations that I admire and respect in the industry, are those who’s directories list the highest calibre of photographer. They usually have a selection process, to ensure that only the best photographers are admitted, making the competition very fierce indeed. They can be a superb resource for engaged couples looking to get a better short list and find the best wedding photographers in the UK.

The Best In Documentary Wedding Photography

The images I enter are all documentary wedding photography – it’s what I specialise in, and why my clients book me. Although posed portraits with stunning backgrounds and lighting will often do much better in these awards, that’s not what I typically produce from weddings, and not what my typical client wants. They want superb and honest, truthful representations of their wedding day and their family and friends, not a fashion photoshoot. So it’s contests like the Fearless Awards, and the WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association) whose awards I value.

Here’s a selection of posts highlighting some of the awards I’ve gained from these organisations recently.

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Wedisson Wedding Award

Very pleased to have one a Wedisson Award with this image from Hannah and Simon’s Harpenden Wedding Photography. I was asked to write a little about the picture: I’d already made some portraits with Hannah and Simon earlier in the day, but during the wedding breakfast there was some amazing light outside. So after setting…

WPJA Award winning wedding photo

WPJA Award Winning Images Q3 2015

So 2016 has begun with a couple of awards in the third quarter contest of the WPJA, the Wedding Photojournalist Association. It’s an International organisation that focuses on documentary wedding photography or wedding photojournalism. It’s one of the only organisations I belong to because of the strict requirement that photographers approach photographing a wedding with…

Harpenden wedding photographer bridesmaids in blue dresses

Wedding Photojournalist Award 2014 Q3

Wedding Photojournalist Award from a Harpenden Wedding I love this picture from Hannah and Simon’s Harpenden Wedding Photography, showing her seven bridesmaids walking down possibly the longest aisle I’ve ever seen! I’d already shot them from directly ahead, then saw the potential for this image. It works well because of the middle bridesmaid who has…

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Four New Fearless Awards

I’m delighted to discover that I won four Fearless Awards in the latest round of this world class wedding photography contest.  Fearless is probably the premier wedding photography contest and directory on the planet, so it’s a huge honour to have four images selected for an award. This first one is from Charlie and Philip’s…