Destination Wedding Photographer



Should You Book A UK Photographer For Your Wedding?

If you’re planning a wedding outside the UK, should you consider flying a photographer out to document your wedding? There’s many factors to consider, including cost, style of photography and whether you’ve found the wedding photographer for you and just can’t imagine anyone else photographing your wedding. But remember that old cliche,

“When the champagne’s drunk and the dance floor is empty, it’s only your memories and the photographs that remain”.

You really do only get one chance to get the photography right. Finding the best wedding photographer for you, no matter where they are, might be the best decision you make for your wedding.

Destination Wedding Photography Costs

Now, there’s obviously an increased cost in getting your photographer to your wedding. Most photographers will set their fee for photographing the wedding, and then invoice travel and accommodation costs on top of that. The sooner you can book your photographer, the cheaper the flights and accommodation costs will be. Unless you have transport for your guests from the airport, you should include the cost of hiring a car as well. The photography fee is generally a little higher than that charged for photographing a wedding in the UK. There’s a good reason for this. Firstly, a wedding in Europe on say, a Saturday, means the photographer should arrive on the Friday at the latest, and stay until the Sunday. Ideally more time should be allowed, in case of travel delays or if you have other functions around the wedding you’d like photographed. So a destination wedding could take your photographer away from their business for several days, which has a higher cost than a local UK wedding which will take a single day. You may get lucky, and find a photographer willing to offer you a lower fee in order to have your destination wedding to show case. But most established, high quality wedding photographers will have an increased fee for this reason.

Style Of Photography

If you’ve had a chance to look around this site, you’ll know that I’m a Documentary Wedding Photographer. That means I concentrate on telling the story of your wedding without interruption or posing people. It’s genuine, natural photography, that has it’s foundation in 20 years of editorial photojournalism at the highest level. The documentary style of wedding photography is very strong in the UK. There’s many great documentary wedding photographers based here. In other parts of the world, it’s a less popular style, with more of an emphasis on the traditional style of posed wedding photography. So it can be hard trying to find this kind of quality wedding photojournalism at your chosen destination. Recently I’ve been fortunate enough to have photographed weddings in France, Italy and Sri Lanka, because my style of photography just wasn’t available locally.

Get Some More Information

I get booked for weddings up to two years in advance, especially for popular Summer dates. So if you’re planning a destination wedding and love this kind of documentary photography, please get in touch now for more information and a bespoke quote. In the mean time, have a look at some more destination wedding photography examples below.