Natural Documentary Family Photography

Documentary family photography is just that. Telling the story of your family, beautifully, honestly and authentically. It’s not a studio portrait session, or a lifestyle shoot. It’s just beautiful photography of you guys being yourselves, without any direction from me. Sometimes known as ‘Fly on the Wall’ or ‘Day in the Life’, it all means the same thing. Unscripted, unposed photography, following the natural pattern of your day.

I think these kind of pictures really get to the heart of who a family are. They show the fun and laughter, as well as tantrums and tears. Life in a busy family passes so quickly, everyone changes all the time. Having these kind of memories saved forever in a set of photographs is incredibly valuable.

I use my experience as a photojournalist for 20 years to make sure I capture the essence of your family. And having two young children myself means I’m tuned in to reading family situations and try to stay one step ahead of the action to make sure I’m in the perfect position for capturing a great moment.

Documenting a few hours, or most of the day

I can spend just a couple of hours with your family, or better still, the afternoon and early evening. I’d start before you pick your children up from school, then stick with you until after they’re in bed. There’s great opportunities for pictures in this time, and it’s even better if you’ve a planned activity that you’re all enjoying as well, like heading to the park. If the grandparents are nearby, it’s also a great idea to get them round for tea! Ending with bath time and bedtime, the story of your day is complete.

A daytime documentary family session of 2 hours is £650, and the afternoon session from before school pickup until after bedtime (around 5 hours) is £1250.

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